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Home of The Rock Gods!

The Rock Gods series is comprised of love stories between beautifully creative men from two different rock bands; Black Ice and Ivory Tower, and their friends. All the books in this series are stand-alone stories, but tied together with rock stars that are colleagues and also friends. Each of my rock stars are flawed and emotionally damaged men at the height of their musical careers and in search of the one thing that still eludes them: love.

I hope you’ll take this musical journey alongside me with each of The Rock Gods novels and discover what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels – just simply love.

Fall For Me

Book One

Take What You Want

Book Two

Make You Mine

Book Three

Looking At Forever

Book Four

Meant For Me

Book Five

Fighting His Fire

Book Six

Beyond The Music

Book Seven

Watch The Make You Mine
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All Books (in order of release date)

March 17th 2009

April 23rd 2010

May 12th 2011

May 27th 2012

November 16th 2012

May 11th 2013

October 28th 2013

April 28th 2014

November 2014

May 28th 2015

August 28th 2015

February 23rd 2016

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Beyond The Music

Beyond The Music
Book 7 ~ The Rock Gods.

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