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Exclusive Excerpt Reveal: Zac’s Mulligan, Guarding The Gods: Book One

 Zac’s Mulligan, M/M spin-off series, Guarding the Gods, which will have many cameo appearances from The Rock Gods characters in each story.



“You’ve been watching me,” Zac commented.

“It probably looks that way, but not really. I only need to see something for a moment and I can remember the lighting and where the shadows were on the subject in order to draw it and be accurate. Besides, you’re not the only subject in those pads, so don’t go making it sound like I’m some kind of freaky stalker.” The smile on Zac’s face was slow, but for every bit it grew, Ben felt the warmth of it heating his core. “Stop looking at me like that,” he scolded. “You’re a good example of the male form and you just happened to be . . . handy to draw. Don’t go making this weird.”
“I don’t mind you drawing me, Ben. I’m flattered you even think I’m a good . . . specimen,” Zac said. Zac’s good hand went to the hem of his long-sleeved shirt and pulled it over his head before Ben could open his mouth and find his voice to protest. Zac dropped his shirt at Ben’s feet and spread his arms open in invitation. “Go ahead and draw me,” Zac suggested. “Pose me anyway you want and I’ll happily model for you.”
Ben turned away and closed his eyes. “Don’t do that.”
“Do what?” Zac asked. “You just said I was a good example of the male form. I thought you might like to draw me up close and personal. This way, you’ll be able to get all my ink accurate and the scar from my shrapnel surgery.”
“You can barely see that scar,” Ben stated without even looking at Zac’s naked torso, “and, you don’t have a lot of ink, either. The piercings are a nice touch, though.”
“Ohhh, so you have been looking,” Zac teased.
“Okay, fine!” he vented loudly. “Two can play this game, Zac.” Ben grabbed at his own shirt, jerked it over his head, then whipped it to the floor like he were spiking a football after a touchdown. He stood up straight and put his hands on his hips facing Zac. He watched Zac’s gaze burn over his bare flesh. Jesus, it felt like a goddamned caress and Ben felt his groin begin to take notice.
“Wow, I love your tattoos,” Zac said as his eyes finished their visual inspection of Ben. “Makes me want to trace the patterns with my fingers and lick them with my tongue.”
“Fuck! Don’t say shit like that,” Ben grunted and turned away.
“You like my piercings?” Zac asked as he stepped closer to Ben.
“Who wouldn’t,” Ben mumbled, then glanced over his shoulder at Zac, before his gaze returned to the window.
“Most of the partners I’ve been with haven’t thought much of them,” Zac stated.
“Then you haven’t been with the right people,” Ben offered, then almost to himself he said, “I think they’re hot as fuck.”
“What’d you just say?” Zac asked in a flirty tone. He took another step closer to Ben until his chest nearly touched Ben’s arm. “I’m pretty sure I heard you say my barbells are hot.”
Ben looked at Zac and rolled his eyes. The man was irresistible and incorrigible for so many reasons, but this flirty side to Zac was by far the sexiest. Zac was pushing every one of his buttons and he seemed to be taking pleasure in knowing he was winding Ben up tight, too. If Zac kept pushing, he might be surprised at what Ben would do when he finally pushed back, and if Zac continued on this path he’d be finding out real soon.
A second later, Zac’s fingers slipped beneath the long hair hanging down over Ben’s shoulders and grabbed onto the nape of his neck. Feeling the strength in those fingers digging into his straining neck muscles was Ben’s undoing. He spun them around quickly, slammed Zac against the wall beside the window, and pinned his arms above his head. The movement was swift and he saw the surprise he wanted to see swirling in Zac’s warm eyes and the wince of pain from having his wounded hand hit the wall. Ben eased his grip slightly, the shock quickly morphed into arousal, and he knew his moment of control would be fleeting.
They stood almost nose to nose at their full height, but Zac had a good twenty pounds on him in muscle mass. If Zac didn’t like the position Ben had him, he knew Zac had the strength to change it in seconds. For reasons only Zac knew, he remained in place and allowed Ben to move against him. Bare chest to bare chest, lower belly scrapping the other, he pressed himself to Zac. The soft hair on their pectorals and abs created a beautiful friction and the cool metal of Zac’s piercings stroking Ben’s nipples made his knees weak.


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Ebook copy of Zac’s Mulligan. Winner will receive copy on Release Day a Rafflecopter giveaway

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