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Sale Blitz, Without A Doubt by Author Ann Lister

You will enjoy Callie’s story…Without a doubt

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Calista Anderson is a young, Boston-based romance author with three best-selling novels and countless well-received short stories and magazine articles on her resume. For the first time in a decade of writing, Callie is blocked and running late on a deadline for her fourth book. In an effort to break the ties holding Callie’s creative mojo hostage, her editor Jane Paget decides to send Callie into exile on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, far away from the city distractions of Boston, to work through her block. Reluctantly, Callie accepts her editor’s isolation sentence and packs her bags to spend the winter on the Vineyard. Soon after arriving at the tiny, idyllic island community, Callie meets Jackson Brody, her handsome and intriguing new neighbor whose obvious attraction to Callie proves to be her biggest distraction of all. Island living – and Jack, quickly grow on Callie and the winter never felt so hot. Will Jack be the muse Callie needs to break through her writer’s block or will he prove to be too much man for her to handle? Spend a Vineyard winter with Callie. Experience the island through her eyes and her budding self-discovery as she explores the possibilities of a future with Jack. Be witness to the author pitfalls and celebrations as she creates her next best-selling novel. You will enjoy her story…without a doubt.

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